SUFKA Mergers & Acquisitions Service

Mergers and Acquisitions

At absolutely no cost, our company will interact with buyers and sellers to
help achieve all their objectives.



Buyer Needs


SUFKA Mergers and Acquisitions has found it essential to learn as much about the buyer as possible. Critical information needed from buyer: investment comfort level, fields of expertise, industries most desired.

It is not uncommon to meet buyers who aren’t sure what type of business is best for them. Our company in many cases will channel a buyer into the industry most suitable for them. It’s a process that is well worth the journey.
We have a goal when a buyer makes a purchase. It’s important that they have a feeling of stability, knowledge and therefore happiness.


Seller Needs 

There are several reasons for selling a business; retirement, fatigue, family issues or other interests. Regardless of the reason, SUFKA Mergers and Acquisitions has a duty in all transactions to insure every seller of a fair market price for their business and/or property.

SUFKA Mergers and Acquisitions has a very good reputation and therefore an excellent referral rate. We will never make the statement to a buyer that we will find them a business below fair market value; then turn around and tell a seller we will sell at higher than fair market value.Complete contradictions are not a part of our standards.


SUFKA Mergers and Acquisitions guarantee the following services to each and every seller:

  1. Evaluation of the business: There are several different strategies used in determining the value of a business. Our company will institute the method best suited to the selling of your individual business.
  2. Qualifying all buyers: Know Your Buyer!
    Good buyers are difficult to find. SUFKA Mergers and Acquisitions dedicates an enormous amount of time searching for this elite group.
  3. Preparing confidentiality agreements
  4. Providing a wide range of advertising in the most discreet manner.
  5. Professional leadership: SUFKA Mergers and Acquisitions will assure all of its clients that they have full representation throughout the entire process.
  6. No Upfront Cost: Remember, a seller never pays a dime to our firm until their business and/or property is sold.

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